3 Great Internet Marketing Events Coming Up in Vancouver

There are three Internet marketing events happening in Vancouver I recommend you check out.

Two Meetups and a Conference, all with world-class speakers.

Here are the culprits

Vancouver SEM Meetup – April 18, 2011

The topic will be “From KPIs to Dashboards: Coloring meaningful data for deep insight with Ani Lopez.”

What we report to our clients is, I would say, as or more important as the actual information we have access to.

Ani will show us the tools of the trade when it comes to reporting the right things, the right ways.

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IIMA Meetup – April 20, 2011

The topic will be “Networking / John Hossack (Cardinal Path / VKI Studios) on Google Analytics 5.”

Google Analytics is rolling out their newest upgrade which will include a bunch of new features. John Hossack will be talking about these new features.

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IIMA Fusion Conference 2011 – May 6, 2011

A one-day conference on convergence of search, social, local and mobile featuring world-class speakers including

  • Rand Fishkin – SEOmoz
  • Stephan Spencer – Covario,
  • Ryan Holmes – Hootsuite
  • Chris Breikss – 6S Marketing
  • Ani Lopez – Cardinal Path
  • Mona Esseily – Page Zero Media

There are also going to be two “tools sessions” to help showcase some of the tools available to further our online business.

Here are a few words from Rand:

YouTube Preview Image

There’s no doubt that it will be an event to remember!

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